Getting Started with IQ Server – Accessing the Tool


The tool, linked in the image below, will serve as your guide as you set out to expose vulnerabilities in the applications your organization is using and/or distributing. After familiarizing yourself with this resource, you will be able to:

  • Better understand the case for IQ server; what it is, what it does, and how it can benefit you and your organization.
  • Articulate the difference between DevOps and DevSecOps.
  • Quickly access resources to aid in the set-up and use of IQ Server.
  • Take the next step toward a deeper understanding of IQ Server Implementation.

About the Tool

If you’ve already accessed courses on Sonatype Learn, you’ll likely notice this one is a little bit different. By clicking the image below, you’ll launch an interactive tool. Some content, like videos and text, are located right within the tool. Many resources, however, are linked outside of the tool. While content is arranged in a logical order, feel free to openly navigate the tool and find the content that meets your needs. There is no “completion” per se; as this isn’t necessarily a course. Think of it as more of a hub, where we’ve compiled resources from numerous sources in an interactive, simple to use format. Perhaps it’d be easier if you just checked it out. Click the image below to do just that!