Organizational Policies

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By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Differentiate between four main types of policies in Nexus IQ.
  • Define various matches that result from the “other” policy type.
  • Interpret each element of a policy.
  • Describe the sections of the Application Composition Report.  
  • Define the sections of the Summary tab. 
  • Describe the data in the Policy Violations tab.


IQ-100 Foundations

Target Audience

The target audience for this course includes developers, software engineers, and anyone who wants to learn more about how to interpret IQ Server policies and the vulnerabilities detected by them.

System Requirements

There are no system requirements for this course. View the system requirements for using Nexus IQ.  
The product version used in this course may be different than your own. The screens may have a different display, but the content and concepts remain generally the same.

Estimated Time to Complete

30-45 minutes

Setting Expectations

For the purpose of this course, we will discuss IQ Server’s set of reference policies, which are those ‘out-of-box’ policies.  While these out-of-box policies are very good and many of our customers use as-is, other organizations create their own policies.  Your organization may have policies other than those in this course. Consult your legal team.

Refer to our Glossary for more information on any of the terms used throughout this course.

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Posted 2 weeks ago
Answers to the quizes were incorrect

Several quizes had always the same answer set. This must be an error in the data?

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Posted 6 days ago

Thanks for the feedback, Roel. We’ll take a look at it.

Francisco Javier
Posted 2 months ago
Excellent course

Good place to start to understand the functionalities of IQ Server

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Posted 3 months ago
A place to start with policies

Excellent starting point to understand more about organizational policies, and how relate to application reports.

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Posted 5 months ago
Great starter course

Really helps to explain what the IQ Server is going to report to the user. It's a good demonstration of what that report will look like when you open it up.

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Posted 6 months ago
Learned about different Security Threats

How single component may have different security threat

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Posted 8 months ago
How to structure the deployment

Excellent intro into IQ policy and how hierarchy, application categories and licence threat groups are related. This helped me understand how to align my orgs and apps to get actionable and accurate reports for my dev teams

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Posted 8 months ago
Easy use of Policies

This course helped me understand what a policy is and how I can easily set it up and rely upon it.

Preview Image
Posted 8 months ago
Simple Policies Set up

Learned how easy it is to get started with my first set of policies. Interesting how it can be developer-focused to help with priorities.

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Posted 9 months ago
what are the policy types?

Even tho I know about policies I always find something i did not know in these training courses! Brilliant

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