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IQ-110 IQ Workshop To Do’s

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Use this quick start guide to perform a few tasks when attending an IQ Server workshop, or after the completing the prerequisite courses. You’ll learn more about managing the open source components used in your applications by implementing IQ Server.

Tasks and Exercises

  • Task 1: Installing Nexus IQ Server
  • Task 2: Onboarding and Scanning an Application
  • Task 3: Viewing Your Application Composition Report
  • Task 4: Beyond the Application Composition Report
  • Task 5: Enrolling Your Team in Online Courses


For optimal outcomes, complete the following courses to learn more about Nexus IQ.

Target Audience

Attendees of Nexus IQ workshops, and/or completed the course prerequisites.

Estimated Time to Complete

45 minutes

System Requirements

There are no prerequisites for this course.