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OSS-100 Open Source Software Licenses – What You Need To Know

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Check out this course to learn more about how to:

  • Increase your awareness of OSS licensing.
  • Explain why licenses are important to you when using Open Source Software.
  • Identify some of the risks if you are unaware of OSS license requirements.
  • Explain how Sonatype’s Nexus Lifecycle can help you.


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Target Audience

The target audience for this course is anyone looking to learn more about Open Source Software (OSS) licenses.

Estimated Time to Complete

30 minutes

System Requirements

There are no system requirements for this course.
The product version used in this course may be different than your own. The screens may have a different display, but the content and concepts remain generally the same.

Setting Expectations

We’ve designed this course to help you understand more about OSS licenses. It’s not intended to make you an expert. Instead, consider it a first step on your path to learning more.

Finally, the information presented is not intended as legal advice. Consult your company’s legal counsel for any decisions related to open source licensing.

Jerry Gergel
Jerry Gergel, Customer Success Engineer

Recently, Jerry Gergel (one of Sonatype’s awesome Customer Success Engineers) discussed Open Source Software licenses at the Nexus User Conference. The talk was a huge success, and now we’ve made it a full-featured learning module. We hope you enjoy.

Watch this video to learn more about this course.

Refer to our Glossary for more information on any of the terms used throughout this course.