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Free and Paid Tools in the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)

You understand your process when it comes to building and releasing software components. Heck, there’s a possibility that only you understand it. You’re intimately aware of what comes easy, what doesn’t, and what wakes you from a deep sleep in a state of total exasperation. 

Our newest tool, Sonatype in the Software Development Lifecycle: A Blueprint, visualizes the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) and identifies where you can incorporate Sonatype products (both free and paid) to assist in identifying and addressing potential risks before they become real problems. Quickly gain a holistic view of Sonatype’s contributions to improving your SDLC and access all relevant materials to get you up and running.  

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Sonatype in the SDLC

Sonatype products placed where they can be implemented within the Software Development Lifecyle.
Sonatype products and their place in the Software Development Lifecyle.
PrerequisitesThere is no required coursework prior to taking this course.
Target AudienceThe target audience for this course is anyone wishing to learn more about how Sonatype’s products compliment the Software Development Lifecycle.
Est. Time to Complete~30 minutes
System RequirementsThere are no system requirements for this lesson. If you wish to learn more about the system requirements for using Sonatype IQ, they are documented here:

The Sonatype platform is available in cloud, self-hosted, and disconnected deployment options. Be advised that the visuals in this course could be sourced from any (or all) of the three. The screens may have a different display, but the content and concepts remain generally the same.

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    1. Hi Salam,

      Thanks for reaching out. We’re going to add more detailed instructions on this video. In the meantime, when you’re in the video, around slides 3 and 4, click the buttons at the top to see which Sonatype tools are FREE, which are PAID, and to get a view of both via All Tools. Once there, click on any of the product logos to learn more.

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