Increase Developer Productivity

Increase Developer Productivity

Journey down the path of Increasing Developer Productivity. Learn the concepts of catching application security vulnerabilities and license requirements early and often. This can all be achieved by integrating Nexus IQ Server into your Continuous Integration (CI) model.

Your Path

Work your way to – and through – each milestone to reach the end of your path. We’ve compiled relevant resources hosted both here and elsewhere.

Getting Started

Ready to get started? Download the study guide. Complete the questions/discussion prompts as you make your way through each milestone. At the end of the learning path, you’ll earn a Certificate of Completion. Use the study guide to prepare for the Learning Path Assessment.

Why Automate?

man's journey down path 1

Why is it important to automate the application development process?  Begin to learn more at the first block on the path, by reading about build automation and why you shouldn’t be hesitant towards this.

Outcome: Now you understand why build automation is an important part of the software development lifecycle.

How to Continuously Integrate?

about to start path 2

How do you and your team continuously integrate? Take a look at Milestone 2 and the study guide, and continue on the learning path.

Outcome: You’ve learned how to integrate Nexus IQ Server into your development pipeline. You’re ready for Milestone 3.

Where Are You In Your Continuous Integration Journey?

summit of learning path

In this final trail of your learning path, identify how using IDEs and other tools will help communicate security governance violations to your development team.  Reflect on where you’re at with Build Automation and using Nexus IQ Server integrations to help.

Outcome: Nice work. You know where you are, and how to communicate security violation information in your software development lifecycle.

You made it!

You made it to the end of the learning path. Take the assessment to earn your Certificate of Completion.

Your Feedback Matters!

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