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Course Updates – September 2020

If you took this course before September, 2020, browse the updates below to review new or enhanced content as part of course version2. Impact of Using Developer Tooling IDE Integrations and the Sonatype Platform What Does the IDE Integration Provide? Selecting the Right Tool for the Job Eclipse IDE Installation Video Eclipse IDE Component Tab …

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Remediation Assistance

Filtering the Component List If you have multiple projects loaded into your IDE and need to view a specific subset of results — the plugin has a Filter option that allows you to set the scope for the results displayed within the panel.  This could be useful when you need to review vulnerabilities pertaining to …

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Summary – Lesson 3

You have completed Lesson 2.  You are now able to: Using the Component Info tab to view vulnerabilities Viewing policy details Analyzing license types and risks  Analyzing security risks Taking the necessary steps to start remediating

Evaluating a Project

Assigning Your IDE Project and Triggering an Evaluation Once the IDE plugin has been successfully installed and configured the next step will be to associate your local IDE project with an IQ application so it can be evaluated against the defined policies. Here is an example of an Eclipse IDE with a WebGoat Java project …

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IDE Integration

Getting Started Sonatype’s IDE Integrations provides you with direct access to Sonatype’s comprehensive component intelligence right within your IDE. It measures your components against your organization’s open source governance policy. This helps you to pick components that align with policy. Objectives By the end of this lesson, you will be able to use the plugin …

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Additional Tooling

Sonatype provides many ways that you can add component intelligence to your development workflow that help you identify and select component information, recommended versions, and even migrate and remediate fixes, all in the environment you are already using. Below we have several use case scenarios for different plug-ins and when they will be helpful to …

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Impact of Using Developer Tooling

Providing Nexus Intelligence at Your Fingertips Nexus Intelligence powers the Nexus Platform with precise data to automate open source governance at scale across every phase of the SDLC. Modern software practices require a modern approach. The Nexus Platform provides fast, precise, contextual, actionable, and continuous information about the component you use, allowing you to focus …

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What Does the IDE Integration Provide?

Works Where You Work IDEs are powerful because they show code hints and code style guidelines, allowing you to fix code and triage if issues are identified. Similarly, a Nexus IQ IDE integration lets developers make informed decisions when selecting your projects’ components — all in the integrated development environment that you’re used to. Better …

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IDE Integrations and the Sonatype Platform

Nexus IQ — Part of the Complete Sonatype Platform Coverage The Nexus IQ Server acts as the brain for an organization implementing component lifecycle management. There, users will find a platform that provides functionality for managing policy, reviewing component and application information, and evaluating applications and repositories. The Nexus IQ Server has several integration points, …

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Setting the Context

Getting Started Sonatype prides itself on being an innovator in the Open Source space while adhering to the principles of DevSecOps while we design our products. At the core, DevSecOps principles expand the responsibility for security from security professionals to the whole organization. The exponential growth of the Open Source usage in applications in the …

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