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Summary – Lesson 4

In summary, the benefits of Hygiene Ratings include: Providing access to better components – Choose components from the best suppliers and ensure only the highest-quality components enter your environment with policy Enabling developer choice without sacrificing quality – Hygiene ratings allow you to create policy around OSS component quality without creating approved/banned component lists manually.  …

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Summary – Lesson 3

Like most trusty sidekicks, Release Integrity is unique in the market – only available to you in ADP.  In summary, it provides: Cleaner projects – Know how much caution to take when considering using a component and enable enforcement based on organizational level of risk tolerance Safer development environment – Blocking potentially harmful code earlier …

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Summary – Lesson 2

Congratulations! You’ve reached the end of Lesson 2. You should now be able to: Identify which vulnerabilities to fix first according to priority Recognize the link between a transitive and its direct dependencies Interpret your open source risk based on a comprehensive view into your risk profile Explain how the transitive solver automates manual work

Summary – Lesson 1

The Breaking Changes capability arms you with the ability to see the future. Future-seeing, you can then make sound development decisions based on the level of effort involved in upgrading incompatible code.  As a result of your learnings, you should now be able to: Describe how ADP identifies when incompatible code is introduced in the …

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Imagining What’s Possible

Overview Develop. Fix. Maintain.Rinse.Repeat. Sound familiar? Well, if you’re a developer – – it probably does. It’s probably (at least) pretty close to how you spend your days. And while we can’t completely change the basic tenets of software development, with ADP and the “superpowers” it holds, we can certainly make it easier.  High-performing development …

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The Advanced Development Pack (ADP), an add-on to your Nexus Lifecycle license, puts control back in development teams’ hands, helping them engage in proactive dependency management practices without losing the momentum of agile development. Watch the brief video below to learn more about ADP before continuing on to the deeper dive of the course content.  …

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Course Summary

Congratulations! You have reached the end of the course! Your ADP-provided super powers should now allow you to: Identify recommendations for incompatible code using Breaking Changes  Decide upon a recommended version for direct dependency which will also resolve the transitive dependencies, using the Transitive Solver Describe how Release Integrity automatically detects and block suspicious and …

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