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Defining DevSecOps

Objectives By the end this lesson, you will be able to: Define DevSecOps, an extension of DevOps, which includes “pushing quality closer to the source” and “shifting security left” in the software development lifecycle (SDLC). Explain one cultural reason why DevSecOps principles may not always be easy to put into practice. List three practices that organizations …

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Lesson 1 Title Copy

Lesson 1 Overview By the end this lesson, you will be able to: Objective Statement One Objective Statement Two Objective Statement Three <Heading Title> Content for heading ^^^ <Heading Title> Content for heading ^^^ Add and remove as needed Review this video to …

Lesson 1 Summary

Lesson 1 Summary Congratulations! You have completed Lesson 1. You are now able to: Articulate the importance of remediation. Identify the difference between Policy and Security violations. Detect when a violation has occurred. Determine the steps to remediate risk.

All About Policies

Objectives By the end this lesson, you will be able to: Define policies in Nexus IQ. Create a policy hierarchy. Articulate how policy inheritance operates in Nexus IQ. All About Policies As discussed in IQ for Developers 100 – Foundations course, a policy in IQ is used to: Serve as a set of security guidelines for open source …

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Summary – Lesson 1

You have completed Lesson 1.  You are now able to: Identify the ways in which Nexus IQ enables you to release faster Describe the current problem with the state of the software supply chain Identify ways that using Nexus IQ can strengthen your software supply chain

NXRM Security Model Overview

Let’s talk about the security model itself, it’s important to note that we’re working with a role-based access model, which means there are users, and different automation tools, looking to access your repositories. With this in mind, we’ll need set up roles and those roles, will be assigned privileges. Later we’ll talk about content selectors …

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