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Defining InnerSource

What is Innersource? Innersource is not a product or service that you buy and install on your network. It is instead a term that refers to the overall workflow, methodology, community, and culture that optimizes an organization for open source style collaboration. Long story short, InnerSource refers to bringing the core principles of open source …

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IaC Pack – View in Nexus Lifecycle

Infrastructure violations are shown in the Nexus IQ report, in the same way you’ve seen open source component violations reported. The report shows you the components identified, customized policy violations, and a detailed bill of materials. Notifications automatically kick off if that feature is enabled. You receive high-quality data with precision results.  You can trust …

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Developer Tools

Lesson 5 Overview Nexus Lifecycle integrates early and everywhere with your favorite pipeline and development tools so you never have to worry about compatibility. We Work Where You Work — Fix issues before failing a build, and move to an approved version with just one click. Nexus IQ integrates with Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, Microsoft Visual …

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Developers – The Strongest Link

Developers have become the strongest link in the software supply chain because developers are at the center of everything. Developers have all the demands Everybody else understands and knows the rules At the end of the day, developers are the ones that get caught up if we shipped something that wasn’t supposed to be shipped …

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Holistic vs Micro View

Lesson 3 Overview Since the beginning, Sonatype has been working towards being able to offer perspectives from different teams into a holistic view across your organization. IQ Server also provides a micro view at the application level, with the ultimate goal of being able to visually show all of this in the dashboard. By the …

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Summary – Lesson 5

We work where you work. Everyday, we too are fixing issues trying to make our workflow faster, more efficient and secure. And Lifecycle integrates early and everywhere with your favorite pipeline and development tools so you never have to worry about compatibility.  You should now be able to: Explain the importance of keeping your dependencies …

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Quality Control in Source Control

Keep your packages up to date with continuous monitoring and automatically create pull requests for any new policy violations. Nexus Lifecycle identifies the available upgrade versions and path to remediation. Nexus Lifecycle lets you view evaluation results directly in GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab to reduce noise and speed up development while automating manual tasks. For …

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Using Nexus IQ Chrome Extension

The Nexus IQ Chrome Extension lets you inspect a package before you download it. The plugin requires a valid Sonatype Nexus Lifecycle license. Once the plugin is installed on your Chrome browser, you can scan packages from several repositories like Maven, npm, Nuget, and PyPi, just to name a few. With the Chrome Extension, you’ll …

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