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Summary – Lesson 1

You have completed Lesson 1.  You are now able to: Explain the functions of a repository manager. Differentiate between a repository and a repository manager. Describe the importance of a repository manager in modern software development.  Determine current and future software supply chain goals and the role that Nexus Repository Manager 3 (NXRM3) will fill in your …

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Course Summary

Congratulations! You’re on your way with IQ Server. Resources Need more help? We have you covered: for asking questions and connecting with the Nexus Community for all things Sonatype for step-by-step instructions IQ-Specific Help Getting Started with IQ Server IQ Server Help Page IQ Server Integrations What’s Next? Take the courses in the IQ curriculum, starting …

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Course Summary

Congratulations!You have completed this course.  You are now able to: Define DevSecOps, an extension of DevOps, which includes “pushing quality closer to the source” and “shifting security left” in the software development lifecycle (SDLC). Explain why DevSecOps is relevant for all modern software development organizations. List three ways legacy security processes can produce unintended outcomes for …

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In Lesson 1, What is DevSecOps?, you were introduced to the term DevSecOps, learned how legacy security processes can often prevent DevSecOps principles from taking hold, and learned a few key practices that organizations operating with a DevSecOps approach might take to integrate security in their SDLC. In Lesson 2, Why DevSecOps?, you learned why …

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