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Lesson Tag: Summary

Summary – Lesson 2

Describe how Nexus IQ improves communication. Select better components for your builds. Define how Nexus IQ enables continuous development.  Describe how Nexus IQ enables the mitigation of security research.

Summary – Lesson 1

You have completed Lesson 1.  You are now able to: Identify the ways in which Nexus IQ enables you to release faster Describe the current problem with the state of the software supply chain Identify ways that using Nexus IQ can strengthen your software supply chain


Congratulations!You have completed this course.  You are now able to: Objective one statement Objective two statement Objective three statement Add/Remove as needed Resources Need more help? We have you covered: for asking questions and connecting with the Nexus Community for all things Sonatype for step-by-step instructions <Product> Specific (Examples below) NXRM3 Help Page Getting Started with NXRM3 …

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