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What if you could reduce the number of transitive dependencies that come directly from open source projects from within your own organization? AND provide a means to reduce the number of transitive dependencies that you need to remediate? You spend a lot of time manually remediating transitive dependency, aka ‘noise’. Sometimes that noise comes from …

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In this feature-specific course, you’ll learn how to use the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Pack to discover cloud security and compliance issues with Infrastructure as Code (IaC) terraform analysis. IaC Pack enables development teams to receive immediate feedback on cloud misconfigurations before they surface in production. Questions for Reflection Complete the following activity. There are …

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The Advanced Development Pack (ADP), an add-on to your Nexus Lifecycle license, puts control back in development teams’ hands, helping them engage in proactive dependency management practices without losing the momentum of agile development. Watch the brief video below to learn more about ADP before continuing on to the deeper dive of the course content.  …

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The role of a software developer is ever-changing. Dependency management is evolving. And, you are tasked with writing code, security, and code quality. Managing all of this means that your role has become more complex. It is critical that you and your development teams have the tools you need to automate key processes. Automation boosts …

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Welcome to NXRM-ADM-100

This course is designed to provide new customers with the first steps towards optimizing their Nexus Repository Manager configuration. Specifically, it provides critical, high-level theory, best practice, and practical application related to understanding specific concepts and terminology related to Nexus Repository Manager. Questions for Reflection Consider the following questions.  There are no right or wrong …

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Welcome IQ-110

Use this quick start guide to perform a few tasks when attending an IQ Server workshop, or after the completing the prerequisite courses. You’ll learn more about managing the open source components used in your applications by implementing IQ Server. Tasks and Exercises Task 1: Installing Nexus IQ Server Task 2: Onboarding and Scanning an …

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Welcome to DevSecOps 100

This course will help familiarize you with the term DevSecOps, help you understand how it applies to software development, and demonstrate how DevSecOps benefits your organization. Questions for Reflection Consider the following questions. There are no right or wrong answers, just a few questions for reflection before you learn more about the benefits of DevSecOps. …

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Welcome to NXRM Basic Installation and Setup

Repository managers are essential to modern software development. They are used by professionals such as system administrators, developers, engineers, and security experts. Nexus Repository helps your teams become more efficient and collaborative. It also offers multiple avenues for creating custom workflows and mastering automated software production. Questions for Reflection Before getting started, consider the questions and …

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