Course Summary

Congratulations!You have completed this course.  You are now able to: Identify the default users, roles, and key built-in privileges. Create and manage users. Create and manage roles. Map NXRM roles to external user groups (LDAP in this example). Assign privileges and users to roles. Resources Need more help? We have you covered: Nexus Repository Manager 3 …

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Creating and Managing Roles

Objectives By the end of this lesson, you will be able to: Define ways to create roles in NXRM3.  Describe how to assign a role to a user or user group.  Map roles to external users (LDAP). Task 4: Creating and Managing Roles For internal users, you’ll create the role following the steps below, and …

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Managing Privileges

Objectives By the end of this lesson, you will be able to: Identify key privileges Describe ways to manage privileges Task 3: Identifying Key Privileges Privileges control access to specific functionality. NXRM3 comes with a default set of privileges, including the privilege to read, update, or manage resources and perform operations.   Viewing Privileges Privileges are created …

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Creating and Managing Users

Objectives By the end this lesson, you will be able to:  Articulate the ways to create new users.  Describe various ways to manage users.  Describe how to create LDAP connections and LDAP user groups. Scenario: Managing Users, Privileges, and Roles In this scenario, we introduce Jane, a Repository Administrator, working at a small enterprise onboarding NXRM. …

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